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Play in the Sun Inc is a proud Sunny Isles Start Up Edu-Tech Company that loves nature and sunshine! Join us! we are going places! Here at Play In The Sun Inc. with a love of learning and teaching, we aspire to help grow children, youth, and young adult individuals through their learning experiences with unique techniques and programs! You will be a part of a dynamic, supportive, and growing team in a fun and progressive environment where work is more often than not, as fun as play! Enjoy the occasional benefits of work related travel as per client requests as well!

Our Graduates!

Our diploma graduates go places! We offer 3 levels of Certificates and once graduating all three, you will be skilled to work in this field independently, as well as have a number of other career and life skills under your belt and career portfolio!

After completion of level one which is basically a volunteer position of between 60-120 hours based on your experience on your curriculum vitae (resume), you actually get paid to learn! It means that during your level 2 and 3 certificate study and self growth process, you are getting paid for your work experience and time to learn extra skills for perfecting your efficacy in these areas!

All of our graduates have gone on to use this certification and work place experience to support and grow their careers overall and within the company. This is because at Play in the Sun Inc - "We Create Kid Geniuses!" and that includes you our students, and workers! Let us bring out your true genius! Here are just a few examples!

There are so many more success stories of our certification graduates boosting their careers with us! Contact us and Inquire!

Career skills in computer science, computer engineering, human resources management, upper level management, business administration, marketing, sales, accounts receivables, teaching and curriculum development, public health speaking, research and development, language proficiency, art, and music are also integrated into achieving our master level certificate after level 3, as the student/worker, will have been able to participate in many tasks and roles in the company by the time they have gotten to the Master Level Certification.

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Please email your resume and cover letter to: playinthesuninc@protonmail.com

*Please note that for most applicants without experience in the areas of services we provide will be required to complete 60-120 hours of volunteer work experience prior to moving into a paid position as part of our work experience
up-skiling certification program. Please email your resume and cover letter to: playinthesuninc@protonmail.com

Master Level and Other Promotional and Therapeutic Roles - Up to 100K per annum based on a 40 hour work week.