"Your career and child development dreams are our dreams for you. We have shared dreams! Let's get there together!"

A word about us !

About us

Play In The Sun Inc envisions greatness for your child, striving to nurture their full potential. We're dedicated to fostering their development and guiding them toward excellence. Through engaging activities and supportive environments, we aim to empower each child to become the best version of themselves. Let's embark on this journey together, creating bright futures under the sun.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To empower the world to tap into their unique DNA expression of genius in service to society by harnessing the power of nature, sunshine, and technology

Our Mission

To become the most utilized platform in the world for up-skilling, career adaptability, and children & youth genius creation

Corporate Philosophy

Stress free, inspired & joyful workplaces and learning processes ~ love what you do, love what you learn ~ stay in the vibration of love every moment, every day at both work and play

Our Words !

Play In The Sun Inc. believes in enabling you and empowering you to be the best you can be, we expect that you also work with us with a similar reciprocal point of view for a healthy reciprocal connection and workplace. We want to help improve human performance at any developmental level. We don't underestimate a child, youth, or young adult with special needs or who is gifted and requires special programs to help them grow. We don't stop gifted or neuro-typical children, youth, or young adults from developing at the rate that reflects their actual potential. Under duress, DNA can begin to express decay-oriented diseases or traits. When given the right conditions, the right DNA expression can occur which brings the expression of vitality, joy, performance, spirit and engagement in life. This is what we are in the business of creating with you.

The relationship is first, the profit is second and comes naturally without fail always, as a source of our relationship with you. We won’t sacrifice the relationship for a small conflict of funds and funding because there is an abundance in the universe we are connected to and want to connect you to. Scarcity or fear is not in our language, thought process or in our expression of our DNA. If you have a funding issue, talk to us. We don’t problem-solve, (problem-focused), we are solution-focused (creating solutions). We can create solutions with you.

We move through hurdles or miscommunications with a safe vulnerability and heart-to-heart open communication about our feelings, perspectives, and thoughts. We also expect that you work with us in this fashion and fly by any difficult circumstances in an easy peasy breezy kinda way so we can continue to play in the sun together! This way we can inspire others around us to have improved resilience and solution creating through play as the real experts in play for health, learning, and quality of life!

Talk to us, and we will tell you everything about our goals and visions, growth phases, and successes! We want to help! Your organization's or your success is the same as our success and we have many sister and brother company win win collaborations in process. There is no such thing as taking ideas if our ideas spark your success, it means we are good at what we do in the neighbouring success, inspiration, and human performance! We work in collaboration with you, your organization, and your community to help build and grow each other.

We work with you depending on your special circumstances whether it’s a funding issue, a time issue, accommodation issue, a location issue, or an administrative issue. We are flexible and adaptable and will work to meet your needs and requests. In essence, this business is client-centred and we like to be clientele-driven, constantly creating solutions for your most complex issues from day-to-day. We want to hear your needs and preferences so we can incorporate them into the service. Talk to us! If you are interested in franchising or partnering with us, let us know! Whether and kid genius client or future business entrepreneur, we want to help you grow and be a part of your success! Thank you so much for reading!