"Your career and child development dreams are our dreams for you. We have shared dreams! Let's get there together!"

Welcome to our Kid Genius Innovation and Inventions Lab!

At Play in the Sun Inc (PITSI) we absolutely love to learn since we know that knowledge is power but just like Spider-Man, we know that "with power comes great responsibility". We teach that responsibility as well as the knowledge in tandem in hopes to create a bright future with you! We are inspired by the success and internationally diverse welcoming ecosystem of Hong Kong, who King Charles deemed "Hong Kong has created one of the most successful societies on earth. Hong Kong has shown the world how dynamism and stability can be defining characteristics of a successful society. These have together created a great economy which is the envy of the world. As a flourishing commercial and cultural crossroads, it has enriched all our lives." In the dynamic and balanced harmonic interplay of the past 50 years Hong Kong was able to create the best of both worlds East and West, and it is in this inspiration that we want to create and bring forth the best of all world cultures and perspectives for an even stronger and more successful tomorrow! In the spirit of this dream, we bring you the kid genius inventions and innovations lab for leaders of tomorrow and tomorrow's kid geniuses.

We are inspired by Hong Kong, but also by the MIT inventions lab (but we are the little kid version), and by the warm pink sand and sunny beaches of Bermuda as well as the seven miles of sunshine in the Cayman Island. We are inspired by Princess Grace Kelly because she’s a lady who uses her gift of beauty for all the right reasons, and we are definitely inspired by your smile and laughter and hope to keep that going and shining brightly! Finally, we have 1-2 more inspirations worth mentioning: 1. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - we love that turtles are wise beyond their years having seen a few decades of human live in one life cycle since they can live to 200-300 years old! Wisdom is something we value because we need to learn from the past in order to master the future. We don't mind that they are mutants, we think they are cool anyhow just the way they are! 2. The X Men, because we like Xavier's school for the gifted and we believe your and the child's unique traits are what makes you special and it has value for society, and we have empathy for the human vulnerability of feeling different. All of our staff at the PITSI Kid Genius Lab are required to watch several episodes of both shows during their practicum volunteer work experience time, before starting paid work with us in the research and innovations laboratory, as a condition for employment. Yes that’s right! You can’t work with us in this company unless you watch a few episodes of X Men cartoon series and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as Spider-Man!


We have relationships with geniuses of our time who provide mentorship, training and guidance in a transmission of wisdom and genius style similar to Shaolin Kung Fu Sifu to student training. In order to participate successfully in this program, respectfulness, cultural knowledge and learning, and discernment as well as good communication is of utmost importance all around.

We also have volunteer mentors for children who need community time and life skills.

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To improve occupational performance, education and health outcomes in all walks of life from childhood to elderly to the four corners of the earth. To provide immediate applications to the projects and innovations involved.

The Future Goals
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