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Welcome to our online booking page for Play in the Sun Inc! We are delighted to offer a range of educational enrichment programs, homeschooling support, and hybrid private school services to families looking to enhance their child's learning experience. On this page, you will find a user-friendly booking system that allows you to easily schedule and manage appointments for our services. Whether you are interested in one-on-one tutoring, group classes, or custom curriculum development, our booking page makes it simple to plan and book your sessions at your convenience. Simply select the service you are interested in, choose your preferred date and time, and follow the prompts to confirm your booking. You can also easily reschedule, cancel, or make changes to your appointments through the online platform and we are just an email and phone call away if you need any further assistance. We look forward to helping your child reach their full potential through our educational enrichment and support services. Start booking today to take the first step towards a brighter future for your child!

Travel Therapy Assistant
$999.00/ Monthly

Access to our tutoring, coaching, and life skills Support in home and in the community or on travel Fine motor sensory processing behavior Visual perception gross motor play skills and development Basic admin and consultative support

Travel Educational Coach
$999.00/ Monthly

Access to Access to our tutoring, coaching, life skills Helping your child to be ready for work by the age of 18 Online programs and courses specific to the child's needs Curriculum development in home learning Basic admin and consultative support

Support in home and in the community or on travel

Enrichment Tutoring
$999.00/ Monthly

Access to Access to our tutoring, coaching, life skills Support in home and in the community or on travel Helping your child to be ready for work by the age of 18 Online programs and courses specific to the child's needs Curriculum development in home learning Basic admin and consultative support

Support in home and in the community or on travel

Travel Therapists
$1999.00/ Weekly

Initial Therapy Goal Setting Consults with teachers & other educators aw needed Regular consulting with OT / PT / SLP / BC as needed Sessions for bringing out their gifts and potentials Sessions for helping students move through their limits Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Sensory Motor, and more programs

Support in home, online, and in the community or on travel

Home School Support
$250.00/ Weekly

Full home schooling curriculum. Support for rolling it out effectively and in accordance with school standards and your preferences. Online and in-person support. Sessions for bringing out their gifts and potentials

Sports and Music Coaches
$250.00/ Weekly

Personalized coaching sessions tailored to each individual's skill level and goals Emphasis on skill development, technique improvement, and performance enhancement in sports and music Experienced and knowledgeable coaches with expertise in their respective fields Fun and engaging outdoor sessions in the sun to promote physical activity, social interaction, and enjoyment of sports and music

Service Provider Support
$150.00/ Monthly

Premium access provides service providers with a wide network of referrals and client opportunities to build and grow their caseload. Dedicated meeting spaces offer professional environments for assessments, consultations, and therapy sessions. Mentorship programs offer guidance for career development. Networking events facilitate connections with peers, while discounts on conferences support ongoing professional development. Supervision opportunities and team support enhance clinical efficiency, allowing service providers to delegate tasks and manage caseloads effectively.

Agency Support
$199.00/ Monthly

Premium access to referrals to help agencies connect with potential clients and expand their business reach Dedicated meeting spaces equipped with essential amenities for agencies to host client meetings, workshops, and collaborative sessions Mentorship programs tailored to the specific needs of agencies, providing guidance, expertise, and support from experienced professionals in the industry Premium access to team members needed for agencies to complete their full therapy teams. Discounts on conferences, educational programs, and continuing education courses to support professional development for agency staff.

Private School Support
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- Premium access to a diverse network of referrals to help private schools connect with prospective students, families, and partners for enrollment and collaboration opportunities
- Access to designated meeting spaces equipped with necessary resources and technology for hosting school events, parent-teacher conferences, and educational workshops
- Access to occupational, physical, speech, play and behavioral therapists and IEP consultants to help meet their school clientele specific educational needs.

Discounts on conferences, educational training programs, and continuing education courses that focus on innovative teaching methods, curriculum development, and student engagement strategies for staff professional development.

Speaker Series
$1100.00/ Per Session

Hire us for : - Engaging and informative speakers who are experts in the field of outdoor recreation and play

- Tailored presentations for each specific audience, whether it be students, professionals, or educators
- Interactive workshops and activities to enhance learning and retention of information
- Current and relevant topics focused on the benefits of play and development, gifted education, cognitive

neuro-psychology of autism and adhd, and how to bring out the child and student's best potentials.

Genius Coaching
$150.00/ Per Session

Connect with world-renowned geniuses in various fields to develop engaging and interactive learning experiences for children interested in specific areas of interest Connecting enrichment experiences with the child's interests
Offer mentorship opportunities with the geniuses to inspire and motivate children to pursue their passions and unlock their full potential
Conduct regular assessments and evaluations to track children's progress and development

Virtual Learning Pods
$200.00/ Monthly

bring together small groups of children with similar interests and learning goals to engage in collaborative and interactive learning experiences resources, tools, and materials to support learning and facilitate group activities and discussions within the virtual learning pods skilled facilitator to guide and support the children in the virtual learning pods, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment Offer a variety of interactive activities, projects, and challenges to encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills among the children Implement regular check-ins and feedback sessions to assess progress, address challenges, and ensure a supportive and productive learning experience

Bespoke Services
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Tailored and personalized services designed specifically to meet your unique needs and requirements. Please contact us to discuss how we can create a customized solution just for you.

University entrance application support
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Comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the university application process. Reach out to us for personalized support in crafting impressive applications and securing admission to your desired universities.

International student education and career support
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Specialized support for international students navigating education and career paths abroad. Contact us to explore opportunities and receive tailored guidance to excel in your educational and professional journey.