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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Kid Genius Consultants & Speakers

We connect with living geniuses with heart around the world from various backgrounds, knowledge, expertise, language, and cultures to bring you the best of all worlds in optimizing and individualizing your program private school or home school plan. Contact us to hire for genius speaker series & musical performances as well. Our genius consultants span the topic areas of maths, music, science, sports, arts, design, fashion, film, and more! Contact us & join our members area for exclusive access to the rest of our genius consultant panel!

Our Story

We travelled the world and begged the question what makes some people struggle and some people successful? What are the predictors of genius? How can we bring the best expression of our DNA out in health, personality, and genius? - Genius doesn't mean success necessarily, but it does mean a vision or level of creativity and invention that is beyond what the eye can see and the ability to apply that into daily life in order to be successful in life. What makes an individual able to enjoy both success and reaching their inner genius and gifts they were inherently born with? What makes one country wealthy and another in scarcity? We study the science of genius and bringing out the best in each and every team member and client. We work with geniuses of our time to help develop programs and continue to research better how to "Create Kid Geniuses" or to "Help Kids Past Their Limits!". Our staff are forever playful with their inner child in order to foster life long learning and teaching!

Our Geniuses guide the students to do what they love and to do it well so they can enjoy their job and career!

Meet Team Kid Genius - Modern Day Geniuses With Heart


Martial Arts & Gymnastics Genius

Martial Arts & Gymnastics Genius: A distinguished world champion and former Beijing Olympic Team member, Nathan not only excels in martial arts but also trains aspiring talents in Qi Gong, Gymnastics, and Wushu. He offers personalized coaching both in-person and online, guiding individuals to reach their full potential.


Musical Piano & Violin Genius

Musical Piano & Violin Genius: With extensive experience as a touring musician and music teacher, Calvin has left a profound impact on the Canadian music scene. His expertise lies in nurturing the musical abilities of his students, fast-tracking their careers with his unique teaching approach.


Paris High End Fashion Hair & Makeup Genius

Paris High-End Fashion Hair & Makeup Genius: Boasting over 18 years of professional experience, Leyla is a prominent figure in the world of high-end fashion. Her mastery in makeup artistry has graced numerous fashion shows, film sets, and prestigious events, earning her recognition as a top-tier makeup artist. She not only enhances beauty but also shares her expertise with aspiring makeup enthusiasts, offering insights into theatrical makeup, fashion shoots, and more.


Musician & Occupational Performance Coach

Musician & Occupational Performance Coach: Hikari's background in athletic training and Kinesiology shapes her unique approach to coaching. As a consultant for the Beijing Olympic Team, she advocates for individuals to shine brightly despite obstacles, drawing from her own experiences to empower others.

Pablo Diemecke

Musical Violin and Cello Genius

Musical Violin and Cello Genius: Renowned as a Grammy Award Nominee, Pablo's musical prowess extends beyond his performances. As a dedicated instructor, he imparts his knowledge to students of violin, viola, and cello, offering technical guidance and musical inspiration.

Sifu Chris So

Professional Athlete and Master Level Martial Arts Instructor

Professional Athlete and Master Level Martial Arts Instructor: With an impressive martial arts journey spanning over two decades, Chris embodies the spirit of discipline and dedication. Trained by esteemed masters, he now shares his expertise as an instructor, shaping the next generation of martial artists with his comprehensive knowledge and skill set.