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Games are Fun!

Enjoy Our Educational Games!

At Play in the Sun Inc., we believe that learning should be engaging, interactive, and fun. Our Learning Through Gaming program combines the excitement of video games with educational content to create an innovative and effective learning experience for children of all ages. By blending gaming technology with educational content, we provide a stimulating and dynamic platform for children to enhance their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. With each level and challenge, they can expand their knowledge, develop new strategies, and build confidence in their abilities.

Our vision for our technologies is to carve neurons to bring out the child's best abilities. Where other gaming companies fail to introduce cognitive neuroscience in a method that helps the brain to grow and adapt to life's challenges throughout a lifespan and throughout their neurodevelopmental profiles year by year, our technologies stand unique in the marketplace by both networking the needed professionals with the learning & therapy requirements of the child with the relevant therapy assistant, tutor, teacher, coach, or respite worker in an automated intuitive process & allows the meeting of the immediate needs of the communities. In a simple approach harnessing the power of technology for matching learning and teaching potentials. Our technologies stand unique and run the test of time because they are not comparable to the addictive nature of our gaming industry out there today. Instead, with a genuine approach to exploring human potential from childhood to adulthood, our play-based gaming experiences set out to carve human neurons to develop genius or to draw out existing genius within each individual's skill sets while simultaneously allowing them to learn and grow in a way that they enjoy. You will be a special part of our team bringing this vision for advancing human potential into the forefront by starting up the edu-tech app and gaming arm of our business.


This is a wonderful game that not only gets gamers curious about yoga and exercise and stretching, but it also works on hand eye coordination! It works on matching, organization, attention, concentration, focus, planning, and goal setting/goal achievement attitudes! This can also help with socializing with a friend to play this together as well as with an educational assistant or coach!


This is a great game that is for kids ages 3 (with adult accompaniment) to 14 yrs. Adults and youth can even play this at any age just for fun and entertainment! This game is amazing for hand eye coordination, developing computer skills, socializing with a caregiver interventionist or learning coach, developing rapport, developing concentration and attention, developing patience, developing basic strategy and play skills!


This game is great for visual acuity, attention and concentration, goal setting, mental planning, visual spatial memory, visual spatial skills, eye hand coordination, response time, reaction time and social play skills!


Crazy coffee is really great for helping a child to understand what it's like to be in a serving job! It also helps to work on planning, timing, visual motor skills, patience, emotional regulation, financial basics of earning money for the tips in the corner of the game, and socialization with the educational coach, friend, or interventionist.


Solitaire is important for numbers and mathematical sequencing as well as planning and strategy!


Catch it is a game for teaching and learning colors, matching, timing, and coordination. Other learning opportunities that might come up are self regulation, emotional processing, visual motor, and socializing with a friend/educational coach.


This game is very good for working on and improving memory and visual memory skills.


This game requires a lot of emotional regulation, focus, concentration, and most of all patience! It's a very good way to teach these in collaboration with an educational coach!


This is a great game for working on eye hand coordination, focus and concentration as well as goal setting.


Select your level of difficulty depending on your desired challenge level and start collecting cats!


If you are playing with our educational coaches, teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, interventionists, or educational consultants, hop on to our video chat below so you can play online together! If attention and concentration is of concern it is recommended to play 2 choices of games per session and not more. Playing 1-2 hours a day is enough for most children and youth in order to balance social and outdoor activities. *More games for language, math, art, and more are in development in our members area.