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Recruit from our pool of highly educated and professionally managed graduates of the Play in the Sun Inc certified volunteer work experience program, as well as from our expertly curated team. Our selection process ensures top-tier candidates with both academic qualifications and practical experience, ready to contribute effectively to your organization's goals. Count on us to provide skilled and dedicated professionals who are adept at navigating various challenges and adding value to your team dynamics.

Our Graduates

Our Graduates We select premium candidates and provide certifications and volunteer work experience programs in order to prepare them for your temporary job postings and for their future careers. We graduate tomorrow's kid geniuses and we link your company to tomorrow's future geniuses ready to take on the next new challenge for a brighter future for your company, your project, and for the community!

Our human resources & management screening process includes:
  1. Socials Check
  2. Police Check
  3. KYC - Know Your Client Check
  4. Reference Checks
  5. Two Human Resource Interviews (Formal & Informal)
  6. Have completed a minimum of 120-320 hours of volunteer work experience program in the career area of their choice in real life work scenarios.
  7. Have received 20 hours minimum of job coaching and career coaching training 1:1 worth $120/hour * 20 hours = $2400 investment in our team as a part of their volunteer work experience program.
  8. Have completed at least one of our certifications, but many team members complete a few versus only one certification in order to upgrade and up-skill for a complete value add to their skillsets.
  9. Have a professionally managed team through our career coaches to help ensure smooth transitions into your temporary position or full time positions.
  10. Screening for a high work ethic & positive attitude as well as having a continuous life long learning attitude.
  11. Screened for being adaptable and quick to learn new skills and quick to transition into unfamiliar environments.
  12. Coached for high customer service excellence by our customer service manager.
  13. First Aid and CPR Certified.
If you’re a business, talk to us about your staffing needs and we will recommend the right people for your positions. Fill out the form below to request staffing from our versatile team of sub contractors in various fields of study. We Create Kid Geniuses here at Play in the Sun Inc, and then hire them out to you for your staffing needs in order to elevate your company's success and productivity outputs!

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